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Fedar Coffee Farm

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Popayan Coffee Tours in Colombia

Fundación Fedar is an opportunity for children with learning difficulties from Popayán to learn and develop skills that help them get the most out of life. Using the coffee process as an interactive learning tool, Fedar has achieved a gourmet standard coffee - carefully managing the process all the way from seed to cup.

Travel on the school "chiva" from the centre of Popayán and spend the day learning about the coffee making process from the children themselves. They will also share with you other skills that they have learned such as paper making and ceramics as well as introducing you to the world of Fedar alternative education and showing you around their beautiful school and farm.

Trip departs
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Departs - Returns 7.30am - 4pm
Capacity (Pax) Min: 1 // Max: 5
Price (pp) 30,000 pesos
(all proceeds go directly to Fundación Fedar)
Price includes Return ransport in "Chiva" bus, guide, lunch, refreshments.

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