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Silvia Indigenous Market

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Every Tuesday, the Andean village of Silvia hosts the indigenous market of the Guambiano community. Hidden away at 2,620m in the Southern Andes, this important cultural event has managed to maintain an authenticity rarely found in other indigenous markets of Latin America.

The market itself is more of a cultural attraction - with the opportunity to watch the local indigenous community trading between themselves. Local produce, farming supplies and textiles dominate the market and there is little in the way of souvenirs although some of the traditional crafts, such as hand-woven, woollen bags, can be purchased.

Trip departs
Departs - Returns 9am - 3pm
Capacity (Pax) Min: 4 // Max: 6
Price (pp) 55,000 (4 pax) // 35,000 (6 pax)
Price includes Transport (return trip)

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